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Download speed suggestions

Post by AVD 1 » 23 Mar 2019, 08:55

I like playing with the Tregion map, but I hate it when downloading it.
Since the speed is limited to 100 kb/s, I have to wait at least an hour to get the file.
I suggest that the download speed should be increased to 300 kb/s (if it is possible) and split the map into different parts like ProMods so busy people can download it faster and download different parts in different days and eventually get the map but not wait for a long time and get the whole map in a day.
I have tried using torrent before, but most torrent sites like uTorrent have ‘viruses’ like when I installed it, it also installs a antivirus software in my computer.
Or, you can also use an external file hosting site like ShareMods or Google Drive.
I hope the developers can accept my suggestion.
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Re: Download speed suggestions

Post by sven_engelen » 23 Mar 2019, 10:24

We cant accept it as installing a torrent service is a matter of just reading and denying offers. Its that simple. This topic will be locked.
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