Morocco Project Map TSM ADD-ON (WIP)

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Morocco Project Map TSM ADD-ON (WIP)

Post by msg97 » 04 Jun 2019, 15:39

The map will be created by Moroccans who know their way around Morocco and who will design the street layout on the basis of real street maps.

All news about the construction progress of the add-on can be found on the official Facebook page:

First version of our map will contain one big city ( Tangier ) and a small city ( Ksar-esghir ) & the big Port Med Tangier, other cities will follow in others updates .
Reminder , the map is not 100℅ realistic .

We can use your help if you can know how use edit roads signs with blender tool also if you know how to add arabic to directions signs with anyway
Map Morocco now has a Discord server:


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