[NL] Development on v1.xx Groningen

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Re: [NL] Development on v1.xx Groningen

Post by sven_engelen » 11 Jan 2019, 17:09

Is there any document stating that so we can save it?
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Re: [NL] Development on v1.xx Groningen

Post by niekster » 11 Jan 2019, 18:33

If you have a look at this site (https://wetten.overheid.nl/BWBR0032533/2019-01-01).
All the ins and outs are written right here!
it's a pretty difficult text, so if u have any questions, I can probably help!

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Re: [NL] Development on v1.xx Groningen

Post by De_Ruyter » 08 Aug 2019, 20:01

I seen double trailers even in Friesland, managed to spot a few even in Sneek which is rather narrow for them. So yeah they are allowed on most roads, just not ideal for many.

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