Bugreport Tregion 0.2

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Bugreport Tregion 0.2

Post by JLPetter »

Trying to deliver goods to Zouterwoude-Rijndijk I dropped a bit into the ground...
See included images:

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Re: Bugreport Tregion 0.2

Post by snellejasper »

Thanks for reporting Petter!
I thought it was fixed after the beta testing happened, but we'll look into it.

Just avoid the road for now, until an update is released.
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Re: Bugreport Tregion 0.2

Post by PaulWantsToPlay »

More about this area: i wanted to delived a job here but there was nothing i could deliver it to, no flag where you have to deliver your load.
And i had the same error as the one above.
Thought i'd mention it here.
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