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by leen
27 Dec 2018, 19:05
Forum: Fixed bugs
Topic: bugs
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trameri gate wont open
;[27/12/2018 08:18] (sec-0002+0000);-4963.24;38.784;3427.87;2.87211;-0.491107

flickering grass
;[27/12/2018 08:23] (sec-0002+0000);-5298;38.6155;3102.48;-2.34022;-0.305425
by leen
25 Dec 2018, 19:55
Forum: Fixed bugs
Topic: Invisible Wall
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Invisible Wall

Invisible Wall A12 Woerden.

by leen
25 Dec 2018, 17:02
Forum: Introductions
Topic: Hello there
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Hello there

Hi I'm leen from the official SCS forum and sound modder, I playing with ETS2 from the beginning and enjoy it nowadays like I play it for the first time. The reason I play this simulator becomes that I want a truckdriver when I was young, but life has other plans with me. Now I'm to old to be a truc...
by leen
25 Dec 2018, 16:52
Forum: Nederlands
Topic: 16 persoonlijkheidsvormen
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Re: 16 persoonlijkheidsvormen

by leen
25 Dec 2018, 12:06
Forum: Questions and Feedback
Topic: City of Schoonhoven
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City of Schoonhoven

First a big thanks for this piece of art especially the green heart, I life my childhood in Schoonhoven nearby Gouda and had the question if in the future added Schoonhoven what will be awesome to me.

Thanks in advange and a Merry Christmas